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Research Data Management (RDM): Learn More About RDM

A subject guide to help you learn about RDM

Courses, Guides, Tutorials & More

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Research Data Management Learning Module: "CIHR has developed a learning module focusing on key themes, challenges, and considerations in research data management (RDM). This module includes information, tools and resources to support effective RDM practices."
  • DC 101 Materials - "This site has been developed to provide expert advice and practical help to anyone in UK higher education and research wanting to store, manage, protect and share digital research data."
  • Digital Research Alliance of Canada - "The Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance) serves Canadian researchers, with the objective of advancing Canada’s position as a leader in the knowledge economy on the international stage."
  • Essentials 4 Data Support: "Essentials 4 Data Support is an introductory course for those people who (want to) support researchers in storing, managing, archiving and sharing their research data. Essentials 4 Data Support is a product of Research Data Netherlands."
  • FAIR Principles: "In 2016, the ‘FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship’ were published in Scientific Data. The authors intended to provide guidelines to improve the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse of digital assets." 
  • JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) Research Data Management Toolkit: ""Have you ever felt lost when looking for material on Research Data Management? This toolkit aims to support you by signposting resources from a wide range of websites and organisations, sorted by topic and audience."
  • Managing and Sharing Research Data: "Data-driven research is becoming increasingly common in a wide range of academic disciplines, from Archaeology to Zoology, and spanning Arts and Science subject areas alike. To support good research, we need to ensure that researchers have access to good data."
  • PARTHENOS, Manage, Improve and Open Up Your Research and Data: "This module will look at emerging trends and best practice in data management, quality assessment and IPR issues. We will look at policies regarding data management and their implementation, particularly in the framework of a Research Infrastructure."
  • Research Data Bootcamp; Research Data Service; University of Bristol: "This online tutorial is appropriate for all members of the University who undertake research with some kind of digital aspect. It will be relevant whether or not your research is funded by an external sponsor. The aim is to enable you to produce high quality data with potential for long-term use. You can work through the tutorial step-by-step using the navigation arrow on the right or the links at the bottom of each screen"
  • Research Data Management and Sharing; Coursera"This course will provide learners with an introduction to research data management and sharing. After completing this course, learners will understand the diversity of data and their management needs across the research data lifecycle, be able to identify the components of good data management plans, and be familiar with best practices for working with data including the organization, documentation, and storage and security of data. Learners will also understand the impetus and importance of archiving and sharing data as well as how to assess the trustworthiness of repositories."